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Art is a Verb

Art is a Verb

Ink jet print on cotton (2011)
11 x 8 inches


Broadsides are typically large sheets of paper printed only on one side. Historically, they were used as posters to announce an event, as advertising hand bills, or as a proclamation or political flier. More recently, artists have borrowed the format as a 'canvas' on which to print their images, often combined with text.

I use handmade papers in large or unconventional dimensions for my work, often using pulp or screen printed images. Personal poetry or notable quotations are sometimes added. Hand made papers can also be used for unique book covers.



Mother Earth

Mother Earth

triptych of broadsides, screen prints on handmade paper (2011)
Each panel is 18 x 12 inches


This piece reminds us that we must take personal responsibility for the future of our planet. Images are from carved wooden totems found in the Great Smoky Mountains.



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