Tom Lascell

Black & White Photography

Katmandu Bazaar:
An Exhibition of Faces

These images were taken in the autumn of 1968 in and around the open market area of Katmandu, Nepal. They are all 'found' images, pictures taken in a documentary style, discovered faces going about their business in the Katmandu bazaar. Some viewers are drawn to the other worldliness of the setting, some feel uneasy with the closeness of the shots, perhaps believing them to be an exploitation of privacy and culture. But I see character in the faces; a purpose, a determination for everyday living. None are deliberately posed. I like to think those who seem aware of the lens dismiss it as irrelevant, their true character emerging in spite of the momentary intrusion.

A hard bound coffee table book of the exhibit at the Green Door Studio in the spring of 2006 is available for sale. Price is $100.

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